The Jim Henson Hour: Monster Telethon, Part Three

Published: July 3, 2003
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The Jim Henson Hour
Monster Telethon, Part 3:
The Time Channel

Cast: Jim Henson (Kermit,Timecaster), Dave Goelz (Digit, Blue Monster), Kevin Clash (Host Monster), Steve Whitmire (Purple Monster), Gordon Robertson (Pink Monster, Lindy), Dan Redican (Beautiful Day Monster).





Hey, Digit, see what else is on the satellite, would you?


  [ Digit skates in. ] 




Yes, sir!


[ Digit presses a button on his remote. ]










[ Digit falls over. ] 




You’re tuned to The Time Channel — all the time, all the time. We have late afternoon over the Pacific Coast, turning into evening later. And later tonight, the darkness associated with three in the morning over here should give way to breakfast time by early tomorrow! And the forecast for tomorrow? 3:15 in St Louis… In Hollywood, lunch will last all day… and in Ottowa, it’ll be 1956. Thank you, and good night.




  [ Monsters from the telethon enter, growling. ]


B-Day M


You wanna give? Or do we tie your ears in a bow?




I’m sorry, but I don’t have the time! 




[ The monsters hogpile the Timecaster. As they jump on him, the Host Monster enters. ] 



Host M


And now, back to the Monsterthon! 


[ The Host Monster pushes a button on his remote control, and the background instantly switches behind him to the Monsterthon phone bank. ]


Host M


Now, let’s take a look at the phone bank, and see how our volunteers are doing! 


Blue M


[ working the phones: ]  Hello, is this the late Mr George Hoskins? Or can you send us twenty bucks by tomorrow? Heh heh heh heh! 


Host M


Ha ha! YES! To save any unnecessary unpleasantness, call us and pledge at 1-800-555-STOMP-YOU! Yeah!


[ Back at the Muppet studio, Lindy has fixed the monitors. ] 




All working again, chief! 




Okay… Boy, those monsters get everywhere. 


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