Jesse Oliver is, first and foremost, a Muppet fan.  Yes, I know we’re all Muppet fans, but Jesse is in the upper echelons of Muppet fandom.  “Muppet fan” is literally the first adjective used to describe him.  And it shows in his artwork.

Jesse has been kind enough to send us all of his Muppet illustrations, which run the gamut from your Kermits and Cookie Monsters to the obscure RC Cola mascot Nutty Bird and The Jim Henson Hour‘s The Extremes.  As you can see, Jesse does a great job at capturing the most basic elements of each character, and it’s difficult to not be impressed by the sheer amount of illustrations he’s created.

So go on, click away and enjoy the artwork of Muppet fan Jesse Oliver!

Many thanks to Jesse for sharing his artwork with us!

Click here to color some creatures on the ToughPigs forum!

by Joe Hennes –

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