The life and works of Jim Henson continue to live on in many forms – movies, books, YouTube videos, and iced tea memes. Soon, you’ll be able to add “cruise ship entertainment” to that list!

Coming soon to Princess Cruises is the new puppet show from the Jim Henson Company – Jim Henson’s Inspired Silliness. Their official announcement says:

Our brand-new puppet show is pure playtime. Created from the mind-and archives-of Jim Henson and brought to life by director John Tartaglia, this original production from The Jim Henson Company features short skits and humorous vignettes performed by live puppeteers. Whether they’re dancing to classic rock songs or showcasing their one-of-a-kind perspective, these puppets put on a show like no other.

Debuting in November 2019 on Sky Princess and June 2020 on Enchanted Princess.

By the looks of the image above, the show appears to be recreating some of the wild and weird Muppet skits Jim Henson and friends did on practically every variety show in the 1960s. If that’s the case, then this show sounds incredible! Our fingers are crossed that some kind tourists will nab some great pictures or video we can share with you.

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By Shane Keating

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