Hear Some Jim Henson: Idea Man Score Samples

Published: May 30, 2024
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It’s almost the big day, the release of Ron Howard’s documentary Jim Henson: Idea Man. But May 31st won’t bring us just the motion picture, it also will bring us the official soundtrack! David Fleming’s score will be released digitally across all the platforms on which one can listen to music on. So, once you’ve watched the movie and cried your eyes out, you can listen to the score all by itself and presumably cry some more.

Disney Music has already shared five tracks ahead of the release – titled “Muppets, Inc.,” “Bert & Ernie,” “Jim,” “Sesame Street,” and “Thank You, Jim.” Listen to them below these words!

Click here to listen to songs with no words on the Tough Pigs Discord!

By Shane Keating


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