Ho ho ho, Muppet fans! It’s time once again for America’s jolliest Muppet trivia show, Hubba-Wha?! Nothing is more Christmas-y than the Muppets and trivia, so in this extra-long, extra-special episode Evan G. is joined by Brandon Hardy of the Brandon Hardy Art TikTok and Matthew Soberman of ToughPigs.com as they answer questions about the Christmas specials and albums released during Jim Henson’s lifetime. Who will be this week’s Toughest Pig? We carol together as we puzzle through holly, ivy, and all that good stuff. Does anyone remember the Christmas Toy as well as Evan does? Play along with us at home and let us know how you do!

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Hosted by: Evan G.

Guests: Brandon Hardy and Matthew Soberman

Questions, Logo, Production, and Editing by: Evan G.

Theme Music by: Staci Rosen

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