Hubba-Wha?! Episode #15 – Sesame Grab Bag

Published: September 22, 2022
Categories: Podcasts

If you know Becca Petunia, you know she owns a lot of Sesame merchandise. This week on Hubba-Wha?!, she’s decided to make that into everyone else’s problem with a grab bag of Sesame questions inspired by things she found lying around her apartment. Join ToughPigs’ Louie Pearlman and Sesame Street: The Musical performer Joe Newman-Getzler as they rise to the occasion, answering questions about the letter of the day, Steve Martin’s influence on Sesame music, and how to teach an old dog new tricks. Plus: which Muppet is Luis’s best friend? You’ll never guess…

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Hosted by: Becca Petunia

Guests: Joe Newman-Getzler and Louie Pearlman

Questions, Logo, Production, and Editing by: Becca Petunia

Theme Music by: Staci Rosen

Additional Host Artwork by: Richard Gomez

ToughPigs Muppet Fan Podcast Executive Producer: Joe Hennes

ALSO: Here’s that “Sesamerot” TikTok user that Becca and Louie were talking about

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