Fraggle Rock Credit Cards: Don’t Leave the Rock Without It

Published: February 5, 2015
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Are you disappointed that our national currency doesn’t have Doozers printed on our bills and coins?  Want to buy Farscape toys with Farscape cash?  Do you wish your Dark Crystal fandom was measured in actual crystals?  Well, none of these things are true, but now you can pay for things with Henson-branded credit cards.


Yes, you can get your very own prepaid MasterCard with a picture from Fraggle Rock, Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, or Farscape on it!  And then you can spend it just like any other debit card.  Forget Bitcoin, this is truly the future of commerce.


There are almost 50 designs available to choose from.  Click here to view them all. And don’t worry too much about the logic of whether or not Skeksis belong in your wallet.  They probably don’t.  But hey, new Henson stuff.  Yay, I guess.



Many thanks to our friends at the Muppet Stuff blog for the info!

Click here to spend a guilder on a Gelfling on the ToughPigs forum!

by Joe Hennes –

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