Grover appeared on ABC’s Good Afternoon America yesterday to promote proper oral hygiene. Apparently you’re supposed to brush twice a day for two minutes. Who knew? I usually just run a lint roller over my teeth once or week or so.

Anyway, the appearance was all too brief, but it included a star-studded music video with Elmo singing about brushing, and Grover leading a bunch of kids in a “tooth-brushing party” while a dentist says some boring stuff.  And I gotta say, it works… Grover’s teeth look great. If I’ve figured out this Hulu thingy correctly, the following embedded video should take you straight to it (right after an annoying commercial):

Earlier in the show, there was a story about I Am Big Bird, and Grover popped in to say he doesn’t know who Caroll Spinney is:

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by Ryan Roe –

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