The Great Muppet Fandom Panel – The Muppet Friend Awards

Published: April 6, 2023
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In this bonus episode of The Great Muppet Fandom Panel, it’s the Muppet Friend Awards!

J.D. is joined by the hosts of the Muppeturgy podcast – Christie, Adam, David, and Michal – for a discussion of the stars who’ve been the best friends to The Muppets – as their guests, hosts, collaborators, champions, and sometimes lovers.

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Hosted by: J.D. Hansel

Panelists: Michal Richardson, Adam Grosswirth, Christie Baugher, and David Levy

Artwork by: Kenny Durkin

Editing, writing, opening theme music and “Slappy Feet” arrangement by: J.D. Hansel

ToughPigs Muppet Fan Podcast Executive Producer: Joe Hennes

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