The Great Muppet Fandom Panel – Summer, 2023 Edition

Published: August 24, 2023
Categories: Podcasts

ToughPigs’ own Matthew Soberman and Becca Petunia are joined by artist/designer Jamie Carroll and Broadway actor Fergie L. Philippe (Hamilton, Camelot) for our summertime summit on the state of The Muppets! Topics include the latest Muppet merchandise, surprise concert appearances, and, in our main segment, this year’s hit Disney+ series The Muppets Mayhem.

Also discussed: TV specials we don’t know exist, the whereabouts of Clifford, and our shared desire to get drunk with Bunsen and Beaker.

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Hosted by: J.D. Hansel

Panelists: Jamie Carroll, Becca Petunia, Fergie L. Philippe, Matthew Soberman

Artwork by: Kenny Durkin

Editing, writing, opening theme music and “Slappy Feet” arrangement by: J.D. Hansel

ToughPigs Muppet Fan Podcast Executive Producer: Joe Hennes

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