Latest Muppet Movie Casting News: Galifianakis

Published: October 26, 2010
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zach-gYou know that guy Zach Galifianakis? He’s a comedian, he was in The Hangover, he used to be on that Groundhog Day show with Eliza Dushku. Oh, and his name is really hard to spell. Anyway, E! Online is reporting that he will be making an appearance in the upcoming Muppet movie, based on Galifianakis’s Due Date co-star dropping the news during a co-interview. Also intriguing: The E! Online post refers to the movie beginning production next month.

Galifianakis can be pretty funny, and he and that beard of his are pretty hot right now, so he’s not a bad choice for a small role. You know what, though? I sure wish they’d make this movie already, so we can stop speculating about it and just watch it.

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by Ryan Roe –

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