The sixth and final (for now???) episode of Fraggle Rock: Rock On! is now available to watch on Apple TV! And there are more than a few familiar faces.

Among the celebrities you’ll see in this episode are: Gobo Fraggle, Neil Patrick Harris, Red Fraggle, Tiffany Haddish, Mokey Fraggle, Ziggy Marley, Wembley Fraggle, Common, Boober Fraggle, Common, and Traveling Matt.

Yes, the Fraggles are celebrities. Deal with it. Watch a teaser below!

A reminder: Fraggle Rock: Rock On! is available to watch for free if you’ve got an Apple device.

Here’s hoping this isn’t the end of new Fraggle content from John Tartaglia and The Jim Henson Company. It’s been such a treat to see the return of these characters we love so much, and it’s been one of the greatest silver linings to the difficult situation our world is in right now.

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by Joe Hennes –

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