Fraggle Rock v.2 #2 Preview

Published: January 22, 2011
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Gee, it seems like it was only a day or two ago when the last Fraggle Rock comic book came out. Could it be possible that Archaia Comics is already releasing issue #2?? It sure is. I was not prepared for this at all. Just lemme catch my breath a minute, Fraggles!

Issue #2 of volume #2 will be in stores on Wednesday, January 26! That’s, like, soon!

Click on the images below to see previews of all three stories from the issue: “The Meaning of Life” written by Joe LeFavi and illustrated by Heidi Arnhold, “The Perfect Words” written by Tim Beedle and illustrated by Ross Campbell, and “The Fraggle Who Cried Monster” written by Jason M. Burns and illustrated by Chandra Free!

Fraggle Rock v2 002 Cover AFraggle Rock v2 002 Cover B

Fraggle Rock Vol. 2 #2 Preview_PG1Fraggle Rock Vol. 2 #2 Preview_PG2

Fraggle Rock Vol. 2 #2 Preview_PG3Fraggle Rock Vol. 2 #2 Preview_PG4

Fraggle Rock Vol. 2 #2 Preview_PG5Fraggle Rock Vol. 2 #2 Preview_PG6

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