April Fools: Forgotten Sesame Specials

Published: April 2, 2019
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Did you happen to stop by ToughPigs on April 1st? Did you notice anything weird about the site? No? Okay, that’s fair.

Oh wait, you did?? Well, that’s because we continued our time-honored tradition of making some big changes on the site in honor of April Fools Day! This year, we decided to take advantage of our collective excitement surrounding Sesame Street’s 50th anniversary and make up a few anniversaries of our own.

If you can believe it (and why would you? We just made up a whole bunch of crap for an entire day), our team wrote 20 complete articles all about the various fictional Sesame specials, each one with a strange or ridiculous or “inside baseball” gag attached.

Now that April 1st has passed, the only way you can read these articles is by clicking the links below! We hope you enjoy reading (or re-reading) them as much as we did writing them.

ToughPigs Celebrates Sesame Street’s Forgotten Anniversaries

Sesame Street’s 16th Anniversary: Congratulations, Howard & Gloria!

Sesame Street’s 9th Anniversary: A Walking Tour of the Laundromat

Sesame Street’s 13th Anniversary: Straight from 12 to 14

Sesame Street’s 4th Anniversary: The One with the Low Budget

**Note: You can view the embedded videos from the original article here:
Video #1
Video #2

Sesame Street’s 140th Anniversary: Greetings from the Future

Sesame Street’s 1/2 Anniversary: So Far, So Good

Sesame Street’s 21st Anniversary: The Master of Horror

Sesame Street’s 44th Anniversary: A Special Sing-Along

Sesame Street’s 24th Anniversary: A Very Sesame Reunion

Sesame Street’s 43rd Anniversary: It’s Just a Show, You Should Really Just Relax

Sesame Street’s 17th Anniversary: All Jerry, All the Time

Sesame Street’s 19th Anniversary: Live from New York

Sesame Street’s 26th Anniversary: Prince Bob

Sesame Street’s 23rd Anniversary: I’m Pretty Sure I Watched It

Sesame Street’s 14th or 17th Anniversary

Sesame Street’s 12th Anniversary: Future Superstars

Sesame Street’s 34th Anniversary: Herry Monster’s Long-Lost Spinoff

Sesame Street’s 22nd Anniversary: All Ladysmith, All Mambazo

Sesame Street’s 6th Anniversary: Pretty Embarrassing

As an added bonus, our artist-in-residence Smig (who illustrated this year’s April Fools Day logo) also created some alternate artwork for the icons on the sidebars of this page.  He chose a whole bunch of classic Sesame Street characters, most of whom haven’t been seen on the show in years, and we’re pleased to share the full-sized images he created here.

Many thanks to our entire ToughPigs team for pulling together to fill the site for a silly gag: Chris “Smig” Smigliano, Matthew Soberman, Anthony Strand, Evan G., Julia Gaskill, Matt Wilkie, Louie Pearlman, Ryan Roe, and (yours truly) Joe Hennes. Here’s to another weird April Fools Day next year!

Click here to celebrate the anniversary of trickery on the ToughPigs forum!

By Joe Hennes – Joe@ToughPigs.com

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