The Fantastic Miss Piggy Podcast: “The Look of Love” Video Companion

Published: June 24, 2024
Categories: Feature

The Look of Love,” an episode of our recent podcast The Fantastic Miss Piggy Podcast, provided an fascinating discussion on the many ways Miss Piggy has visually evolved since the 1970s. Danny Horn, Peter Savieri, and Jamie Carrolldove deep into what separates a good Piggy puppet from a bad one in more detail than you could possible fathom. But, we understand that it might be just ever so difficult to follow along with such a visual-heavy discussion in an audio-only format.

So, we’re happy to bring you a special video companion of the episode, with handy visuals helping you truly understand how great Piggy looked in The Great Muppet Caper and how not-great show she looked in that one Disney Channel special. Enjoy!

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By Shane Keating

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