VIDEO REVIEW: Flange Doozer Action Figure

Published: August 11, 2023
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Whenever anyone asks me who my favorite Fraggle Rock character is, I feel obligated to say Wembley or Junior Gorg or even The World’s Oldest Fraggle. While these are all valid options, I only respond with these because I worry that the person asking won’t be familiar with my real answer: Flange Doozer.

Lucky for me and the rest of the Flange Fleet (that’s what we Flange fans call ourselves), Boss Fight Studio has released an action figure featuring the mighty Flange himself! The figure is the first in their new line of Fraggle Rock action figures, and they’ve certainly started with the best.

Check out our unboxing and review below! And if you want a Flange for yourself, you can pre-order it right here!

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