WATCH: ToughPigs’ Theatrical Muppet Movie Intro

Published: June 13, 2024
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Recently, your pals at ToughPigs teamed up with the folks at Fathom Events for an epic celebration of The Muppet Movie in honor of its 45th anniversary. Fathom did the heavy lifting by bringing the classic Muppet film back into theaters across the country for two days. We had the exciting honor of introducing the movie with a little pre-show entertainment.

Although the Fathom Events screening of The Muppet Movie aired in hundreds of theaters to thousands of audience members across the country, we recognize that not everyone made it to the theater to see the film. So we’re proud to share with all of you what you would’ve seen if you’d been able to revisit the movie on the big screen.

So go ahead and put this video on the largest screen you have, turn the lights down low, grab a box of Raisinets, and enjoy our intro to The Muppet Movie!

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