There’s nothing like breaking out the old toy box, getting down on the carpet, and pitting my Wolverine action figure in an epic battle against Superman. Maybe Optimus Prime whooshes in just in time to save the day from Skeletor. But with all these superheroes, there’s one that’s always missing. Emmet Otter.

Yes, it’s true – action figures from the world of Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas are coming! According to our friends at Muppet Stuff, the toy company Plastic Meatball will be creating figures of Emmet Otter and Ma Otter. Beautifully rendered samples were on display at DesignerCon.

The Emmet figure will come with Pa’s toolchest and the Christmas branch, and Alice looks to be packed with the washtub bass and a basket of laundry. It also seems that Ma may be available in two variants – her usual dress and the dress she designed for the talent show.

We’re still waiting on an official announcement, as well as further details about accessories, packaging, price, availability, and cost. But for now, let’s get excited for what’s bound to be the greatest holiday gift (besides mashed potatoes)!

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by Joe Hennes –

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