Ready, Set, Ride with Elmo’s New Podcast

Published: January 18, 2024
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Picture this – you and the family are about to hop in the car for a drive. But boy, it’s a long one. Longer than Ishtar even! What can you and the kids possibly do to the pass the time? Listen to music? Talk to each other? Watch Ishtar on DVD? Well, no need to worry, because Sesame Workshop has the answer – listen to Elmo’s new podcast!

Ready, Set, Ride with Elmo is the latest collaboration between Sesame Workshop and Audible, following The Sesame Street Podcast with Foley and Friends. In this new podcast, Elmo’s somehow managed to skirt New York driving laws and procured himself a car. But not just any car, it’s the Elmobile, which can supposedly turn into literally anything – a motorcycle, a dinosaurmobile, and who knows, maybe even Ross from Friends. In each episode, Elmo and the Elmobile pick up one of his Sesame Street friends and they go on a vehicular adventure. Ah, to be young and free again, driving around with nothing to do in a car that can turn into a sandwich if need be.

All eight episodes, running around 11 minutes each, are currently streamable on Audible.

Click here to wonder what kind of milage the Elmobile gets on the Tough Pigs Discord!

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