Muppet Fans are Drawsome, part 2

Published: March 11, 2013
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Draw Something is an iPhone game that pretty much took over our lives for a few months.  You get to draw pictures, guess at others, and play along with your friends.  And like any other fad, it started to get a little stale after a bit.  So we did what any normal person would do and changed the rules of the game, so rather than try to get your partner to guess your picture, we’d create the new challenge of incorporating a Muppet reference into every entry.

Lucky for us, we also have some incredibly talented friends.  People like the incomparable Dave Hulteen and our new friend Laura Lee, both of whom made more beautiful illustrations here than I could ever dream of doing on a real piece of paper.  Other contributors include ToughPigs’ own Joe and Ryan, the Muppet Mindset’s Ryan Dosier, and ToughPigs pals Martha Crannell, Cameron Garrity, and Zach Haumesser.

Also lucky for us, we have another huge batch of Draw Somethings to share, so keep an eye on ToughPigs for more!  And if you have any Muppet-related Draw Something pictures, feel free to send them our way!

Be sure to click on the images to embiggen, and take your best guess as to what word we’re drawing in each one!

Click here to draw the ToughPigs forum!

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