“Does Beaker Have Ears?” A Different Kind of Muppet Quiz

Published: March 3, 2017
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A while back, I got to thinking about how certain Muppets have ears, and others don’t.  Even among the humanoid ones, it varies.  And then I realized I wasn’t 100% sure about which Muppets have ears.  And then I started thinking about Muppet eyebrows, and Muppet noses, and one thing led to another, and before I knew it, I’d created a pretty weird Sporcle quiz.

So here it is, for your clicking enjoyment.  Forty whole questions about minute details of what Muppets look like.  If you’re not sure about a question, note that that you can click the “Next” button and come back to it later.

Oh, and an IMPORTANT NOTE: You are NOT allowed to look any of these up on Muppet Wiki or Google Images while you play.  And if you have any Muppet merchandise in the room with you right now, you should either move to a different room or sell it all on eBay before you take the quiz, just to be safe.  And if you think the quiz is pretty easy, try making one of your less-geeky friends take the quiz.  That should be fun!

Click here to tell me how incredibly easy this was and/or what you think I got wrong on the Tough Pigs forum!

by Ryan Roe – Ryan@ToughPigs.com

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