The Muppets to Sing Christmas Carols at Disneyland

Published: September 10, 2021
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Despite a dwindling presence at the theme parks, the Muppets will be making some special in-person appearances at Disneyland in Anaheim, California this holiday season.

Disneyland will be featuring a ticketed after-hours event called Disney Merriest Nites, and several rarely-seen characters will be appearing throughout the park. Kermit, Miss Piggy, and other Muppets will be found on Main Street USA in a special coach singing Christmas carols. We’ve been promised that there will be “Muppet antics and a few chickens”, which is all we really need in this world.

We don’t yet know if these will be the “real” Muppets with the official Muppet performers, or if they’ll be the Muppets seen in the Disney theme parks’ “Great Moments in American History” live show. Likewise, we don’t know if the characters will be just performing, or also available for photo ops. But either way, it will be a special treat for parkgoers to get to see the Muppets live and decked out for the holidays.

Disney Merriest Nites will only run for five nights, so if you’re in the Anaheim area this winter, be sure to flag these dates on your calendar:

  • November 11
  • November 16
  • November 30
  • December 7
  • December 9

Tickets to Disney Merriest Nites go on sale on September 14.

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