UPDATED: New versions of the posters added!

A few months ago, Michael De Pippo made it onto our radars for his amazing retro-style Electric Mayhem posters.  And rightfully so, because, as previously stated, they are amazing.

It seemed like everyone wanted to buy them, but De Pippo knew that selling anything by Disney without permission is like tap dancing on thin ice.  But then!  Acme Archives stepped in.

Acme Archives is Disney’s official art licensee, and they will be printing and selling these prints as a limited edition.  (Acme Archives also previously sold this print, and currently sells this one.)

Of course, the price may be steep.  But it’s great to see talented fan artists get the attention they deserve.  And a buck or two in their pockets, of course.

Be sure to keep an eye on Michael De Pippo’s website for the announcement of when they will go on sale.

Thanks to Mike Boon for alerting us to this news item!

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by Joe Hennes – Joe@ToughPigs.com

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