ToughPigs Art: David Vordtriede Rides Again

Published: February 12, 2020
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It’s always a treat when an artist we admire knocks it out of the park with some incredible Muppet fan art.  It’s a double treat when a little time passes and they’ve got a whole new batch of Muppet illustrations for us to fawn over.

About eight years ago (!!!), David Vordtriede graciously agreed to allow us to share his Muppabet series with the world.  Even today, each of those pieces looks incredible, and you can practically smell the talent and love that went into each one of them.

Today, David has a whole new batch of Muppet artwork for us!  And if you dig it (and you most definitely will), we hope you visit his website and Instagram, and also his online store where a few of these prints are available to purchase!

Many thanks to David Vordtriede for sharing his work with us once again, and enjoy the show!

Click here to see a bear riding a bicycle on the ToughPigs forum!

by Joe Hennes –

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