We’re saddened to learn that David Dinkins, who served as the first Black mayor of New York City, has passed away. Dinkins accomplished much during his tenure from 1990-1993, but his greatest achievement was certainly his appearance on Sesame Street.

In a 1991 episode, Gordon is being recognized by the city with a “Good Citizen’s Award” for his efforts to turn an empty lot into a community garden. Mayor Dinkins himself arrives to bestow the award to Gordon, as well as a brand new trash can for Oscar.

To date, Mayor Dinkins is the only NYC mayor to have appeared on Sesame Street. Ed Koch (who memorably appeared in The Muppets Take Manhattan) and Michael Bloomberg (who appeared in Letters to Santa) have both spent a small amount of time with the Sesame characters, but never on the show itself. That honor goes to Dinkins alone.

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by Joe Hennes – Joe@ToughPigs.com

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