Cookie Monster Raids the Fridge in Super Bowl Ad

Published: February 12, 2023
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Football fans have some sort of Big Game to watch today. Non-football fans (or, football non-fans?) have a whole bunch of Big Game commercials to look forward to. And one of those ads has got The Cookie Monster.

FOX Sports released their pre-game commercial, featuring a bunch of celebrities raiding the refrigerator. Those celebs include Sesame Street guest star Liam Neeson, Muppet Christmas guy Michael BublĂ©, The Muppets guest star Jay Leno, Muppet Show guest Sylvester Stallone, and hasn’t-worked-with-the-Muppets-yet Kate Hudson.

Also, Cookie Monster.

Watch the ad below!

Thanks to Twitter user @Mbtoon05 for the tip! Click here to root for the sports teams on the ToughPigs forum!

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