Cookie Monster has long been a favorite of fans of both the die-hard and casual varieties.  He’s just naturally magnetic for anyone who loves his sense of humor, his lack of impulse control, and his versatility.  And I’m not ashamed to admit that his food truck business partner Gonger has quickly become one of my own favorite Sesame Street characters for a lot of the same reasons.  (For proof of my obsession, see video.)

Recently, Cookie Monster and Gonger took their antics across the pond (or, on the same side of the pond from Gonger’s perspective) to London for a series of videos and interviews.  We’ve collected them all here for you to pore over and enjoy.

As Gonger would say, “This nice for you”.  Enjoy!

Cookie and Gonger’s adventures in London:

MTV interview:


Build interview with Sam Thompson:

This Morning cooking segment with Phil Vickery:

Digital Spy interview:

Metro interview:

Radio X Dinner Winner:

This is Heart:


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Many thanks to Warrick Brownlow-Pike for collecting these videos for us!

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