QUIZ: How Well Do You Know ToughPigs’ “Click Here” Lines?

Published: December 6, 2023
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Last week, we announced that ToughPigs was entering a new era of social media with the launch of our own official Discord channel! Given nearly three hundred people have already joined and gotten things started since the launch, it’s already become a hotbed of activity! 

And while we’re very excited about the opportunities this’ll bring the Muppet fan community, we also wanted to acknowledge where we’ve been for many, many years: the ToughPigs forum. As we said in our announcement, activity on the forum has dwindled in recent years, so we’ve made the move to Discord in an attempt to keep the conversation going. But for those of you hardcore forum-ers who are worried that we’re going to pull a Tex Richman and try to completely get rid of it, fear not! It’ll still be there for you for all your conversing needs, even as we shift our focus to the new channel. (Also, we’re more into sustainable energy sources, so if anything, we’d rather just hang solar panels on the forum than tear it down for oil.)

Still, the winds of change are blowing here on ToughPigs, and we’ve come to the end of an era. As you may or may not have noticed, at the bottom of nearly every piece we’ve written, we’ve encouraged you to to carry on the conversation on the ToughPigs forum (in the form of “Click here to ______ on the ToughPigs forum”). Beginning this week, we’ll be asking you instead to head over to the Discord channel. But we didn’t want to just leave this long standing staple without a blowout farewell! We’ve taken twenty of our best and most unique ToughPigs forum promos and compiled them into an incredibly challenging quiz. How closely have you paid attention? Share your results with us! (And also your complaints, because we have it on good authority that this quiz is really, really hard.) Good luck!

Click here to, well, you know on the ToughPigs forum! And click here to ring in the new on the ToughPigs Discord!

by Matthew Soberman (Matthew@ToughPigs.com)

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