American Cinematographer Explains The Muppets

Published: November 30, 2011
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There sure were some neat tricks in the new Muppet movie, weren’t there??  I bet you’re wondering how they did all that.  The folks at American Cinematographer Magazine wondered the same thing, and they have a hefty Muppet-centric spotlight in their latest issue.

You can read all of the Muppet-related content, which covers both The Muppets and the OK Go music video, below!  Just look down!!!

But first, be sure to check out this interview with Visual Effects Supervisor Max Evans from PC World, which shines a lot more light on the cool effects in The Muppets.

UPDATE: After a friendly but understandably disappointing email from the author of the American Cinematographer article, we agreed to remove the scans from Click here to purchase a copy of the December, 2011 issue.

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