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Published: January 10, 2007
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[This article was written by Shawn Pero.]

I really apologize for the above post title, but when you’re writing about checks (you know, the things old ladies use at the grocery store to make people in line behind them furious?) you only have so many options for humor, none of them good. And as it happens, checks are what I’m writing about. So there you go.

Wow! So over the past year, a certain number of events have happened in Muppet news; who’da thunk it? And now there’s actually a lot of little things to catch up on. Rather than post about this years Kermit and Elmo Christmas decorations, I’ll put up something that was actually released fairly recently. Let those other contributors talk about the Lenox figurines, that’s what you get for being a slacker.

So!… Checks. Yeah. Still, if you’re going to get excited about checks, these are the ones that’ll do it (unless you’re a Star Trek fan or something). Checks In The Mail personalised checks (See? What’d I tell you about check jokes?) has released a new series of Muppet-themed checks. According to the website, using these checks can help you “add a new level of humor and zaniness to your check writing”. Which is odd – I always thought the humor level of writing a check peaked at zero. But hey, if you’re the kind of person that gets jazzed by what is essentially filling out a form, you go have yourself a blast.

I will say the images on these are pretty nice. You have the main five Muppets as well as a group shot, Statler & Waldorf, Bunsen & Beaker and the Swedish Chef, as well as some Piggy-Kermit lovin’. You can also get a Muppet leather checkbook cover, as well as order extra deposit tickets and check registers. Although the tickets and registers don’t include Muppet imagery, making them significantly less zany, as you’d imagine.

But it seems kind of moot to me – who really uses checks now? Unless you’re one of the aforementioned old ladies and you are, in fact, at a grocery store, couldn’t you be a little less horrible and just use an ATM card? In which case you could get the much-more-useful Muppet address labels offered by CITM, which I have to admit I really kind of like, in an address-labely kind of way.

Minor Muppet news item out of the way: Check! I’m sorry.

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