Jarrod Fairclough – 5 years ago the world sat in cinemas and saw the long awaited return of a bunch of lovable characters from the 70’s – The Muppets!  After a few years of being teased with news by writer and star Jason Segel, life finally became a happy song as we were introduced to Walter, and saw what The Muppets had been up to over the years.

To celebrate, Jarrod Fairclough (hey, that’s me!) from The Muppet Mindset and Joe Hennes from ToughPigs decided to discuss an old version of the script.  A very old version of the script.  Where Walter is a ventriloquist doll, there’s a character named Blackwart, and a twist that was apparently very divisive in the production team! (Heck, it’s divisive in our chat!)

Grab some popcorn, and help us celebrate 5 years since The Muppets!


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