The Great Muppet Casting Call: Muppet Treasure Island

Published: July 28, 2017
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We have come to the (arguably) most pirate-filled Muppet movie of all, Muppet Treasure Island!  What we love about this film is the diverse group of characters, and how the Muppets all transform themselves to fit their new roles.  So when we think of transformation, we think of none other than the great Robin Williams, who makes an appearance or two on this week’s Casting Call.

Jack Powell as Jim Hawkins

Much like Jack, Jim hasn’t quite grown up yet.  Which is obvious when you hear his beautiful soprano singing voice.

John Keating as Long John Silver

Long John inspires those around him, much like the teacher from Dead Poets Society.  Except it’s for stealing treasure and not, y’know, poems.

Genie as Gonzo

The blue guy who’s along for the ride, providing comic relief while the human lead carries the story?  Yeah, that’s Genie/Gonzo.

Batty Koda as Rizzo

He’s like the Genie, but with more attitude and also not as funny.

Peter Banning as Captain Smollet

There’s only one guy with a cute little sword that fights pirates.  No wait, there are two of them.

Alan Parish as Benjamina Gunn

Of course someone who found themselves stranded on a deserted island (whether by pirates or a haunted board game) would look just like this.

Rainbow Randolph as Squire Trelawny

There are only so many people dumb enough that they’d talk to a man who lives in his finger.

Sean Maguire as Samuel Arrow

He has to go see about lifeboat regulations.

Dr. Know as Dr. Livesey
Bicentennial Man as Beaker

A know-it-all doctor and a seemingly immortal science experiment?  Yep, the logic checks out.

Popeye as Sweetums

The kind-hearted strong guy, while a sailor man, would never side with the pirates.

Patch Adams as Polly Lobster

Polly Lobster should be a parrot but isn’t, and Patch Adams should be a comedy but isn’t.

Armand Goldman as Clueless Morgan

You can’t tell me you haven’t imagine Clueless Morgan dancing a “Fosse Fosse Fosse, Martha Graham Martha Graham, Delilah Delilah” number.

Mork as Mad Monty

Honestly, I just wanted to see what Mork looked like in that hat.

Mrs. Doubtfire as Billy Bones

Much like Mrs. Doubtfire, Billy Bones is hiding the truth about his past from the children in his life.

Leslie Zevo as Mrs. Bluveridge

You’d be asking “How does she do that???” about the guy who makes all those wonderful toys too.

The King of the Moon as Mr. Bimbo

Is anyone even still reading these?

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by Joe Hennes and Anthony Strand

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