RIP Muppet Movie Actor Bruce Kirby

Published: January 28, 2021
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We’re saddened to learn that television and film character actor Bruce Kirby has passed away. That name may not be the most familiar to you, but if you’ve seen The Muppet Movie as often as we have, his face certainly rings a bell.

Bruce Kirby has the distinct honor of appearing in the first scene of the first Muppet film, and he provides the first line of dialog spoken by a human character. As you may recall, The Muppet Movie opens as Statler and Waldorf arrive at World Wide Studios to heckle the film. Bruce Kirby appears as a security guard to point them in the right direction. (Or the wrong direction, depending on how much they actually wanted to see the movie.)

In addition to his memorable Muppet Movie moment, Bruce Kirby appeared in series such as Car 54 Where Are You, Columbo, The Sopranos, and Scrubs. He also appeared in films such as Stand By Me and Crash. He was also father to Bruno Kirby, who famously appeared in films like City Slickers and When Harry Met Sally.

Despite playing a minor part in Muppet history, Bruce Kirby left a memorable mark in The Muppet Movie, and we’re happy for this opportunity to celebrate his life and career.

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