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Published: April 1, 2019
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Jarrod Fairclough – In wildly exciting news, we can exclusively report that Disney+ have abandoned their initial concept for a new Muppet series, and instead will put in to production a sixth season of The Muppet Show!

While the show will be a direct continuation of the beloved 70’s series, it will go under the name ‘The Muppet Show Again‘, and will feature the core group fans have come to love.  Newer characters like Pepe the King Prawn and Walter will be added to the series, which will feature a celebrity guest each week.  Names listed in the press release from The Muppets Studio include John Cleese again, Candice Bergen again and Alice Cooper again.

The series will also feature some of our favorite segments and sketches.  The press release describes them as such:


Pigs In Space Again
Featuring the exploits of Captain Link Hogthrob, Dr. Julius Strangepork and First Mate Piggy again, Pigs In Space Again takes viewers throughout the cosmos, where the intrepid trio find themselves in precarious situations, much like every other time we’ve ever made this sketch.


The Swedish Chef Again
The Swedish Chef is back in his old familiar kitchen, doing his old familiar shtick again.  Performed by Bill Barretta (Phil Philips in the Academy Award winning The Happytime Murders), The Swedish Chef will shoot at lobsters again, dunk chickens again, and make chocolate mousse again.

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Veterinarian’s Hospital Again
Doctor Bob, Nurse Piggy and Nurse Janice return to their practise, in order to make puns and lose patients in this fan favorite segment.  As before, almost as if the characters haven’t evolved in the past 35 years, get ready to groan as you stifle your laughter again with this classic bit.

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Muppet Labs Again
Welcome to Muppet Labs again, where the future is again being made today.  Dr Bunsen Honeydew will continue to put his assistant Beaker in mortal danger by showing off his various inventions once again.  Fans can expect to see the return of the banana sharperner, the electronic nose warmer, and even edible paperclips again!

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Talk Spot Again
Kermit the Frog will do what he used to do, and spend time talking with the various celebrity guests, until he is rudely interrupted by one of his Muppet friends, much like he did back in the 1970’s.

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UK Spot Again
As streaming laws are different in the United Kingdom, UK fans can expect to be given a bonus 2 minutes of footage, as was the case when the series first aired.

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Bear On Patrol Again
Fozzie Bear is back again as Patrol Bear, alongside Link Hogthrob as Police Chief.  What crazy antics will the long arm of the law bring this time?  Probably much of the same, as this segment will feature old clips from the original series, but dubbed by Eric Jacobson (Phil Philips in the Academy Award winning The Happytime Murders) and Peter Linz (Phil Philips in the Academy Award winning The Happytime Murders).


At The Dance Again
George the Janitor and Mildred Huxtetter are back again, leading various whatnots and some surprise familar faces in a series of short form joke telling.  Returning characters exclusive to this segment include Female Whatnot, Male Whatnot, Other Female Whatnot, Male Pig and Angus McGonagle.


Talking Houses Again
Everyones favorite talking houses return after a 43 year sabbatical, once again making tired old jokes that weren’t funny then, and probably won’t be that funny now!  John Lovelady (Phil Philips in the Academy Award winning The Happytime Murders) returns to voice House #1, in a sketch that will be completely CGI.

Fans can also expect The Electric Mayhem to perform all their old hits again, as well as Miss Piggy karate chopping everyone again, Wayne and Wanda doing their usual thing again, and Rowlf singing ‘You and I And George’ in every episode.
The series will be helmed by The Muppets (2015) showrunner Kristin Newman and will be executive produced by Frank Oz (Phil Philips in the Academy Award winning The Happytime Murders).

The show is expected to premiere the day that Disney+ debuts, which is slated for late 2019.  We’ll offer more news as it comes to hand.

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