Breaking Down the Second Full Length “The Muppets” Trailer

Published: October 14, 2011
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The Walt Disney Company and The Muppets Studio surprised us all yesterday when they dropped a brand new full length trailer for The Muppets online for all of us to see. Featuring four cameos, singing chickens, head bowling, and lots of Gonzo, this trailer is just about the best one we’ve seen yet. Check it out!


As we always do, we’re proud to present for what feels like the bazillionth time, our break down of the brand new trailer for The Muppets!

0:06 – How glorious is this? I don’t think the Disney logo has ever been invaded like this before a trailer. Astounding, amazing, and awesome.

0:11 – Look at those Muppets!! So happy to be so adored by their fans! Aren’t they wonderful? And what a great group! Fozzie, Piggy, Kermit, Rowlf, Scooter… stick Gonzo in there and we’re looking at The Muppet Show main cast! (Note: I bet Gonzo is off preparing for some daring stunt.)

0:14 – Oh, so it looks like Sam the Eagle, Rowlf, Link Hogthrob, and Beaker are singing a song in a Muppet movie… in 2011… sure, nothing abnormal or freaking amazing about that. I’m more impressed with Beaker’s axe–look out, Bunsen!

0:16 – Sing it with me! “I’ve got everything that I neeeeed, right in front of me!” Obviously the final moments of the opening “Life’s a Happy Song.” So celebratory and exciting and colorful!

0:18 – Walter is awesome! Look at him run towards the Muppets! Come on… how many times have you done that? (Please don’t ask how many times I’ve done that.)

0:19 – Don’t ask how many times I’ve done this either…

0:21 – Oh wow… take a look at that, will you? That’s pretty awesome. The old, dilapidated Muppet Studios has definitely seen better days–but I’m sure Walter is still thrilled to be there!

0:22 – This is obviously post fence-shock Walter… poor little guy. But I bet anything he’ll mumble, “Throw me again…”

0:32 – Walter thinks you guys are talented, Kermit! Prove him right! Wait, Fozzie, no, get back with those fart shoes!!

0:58 – I don’t know about you… but I love seeing that frog in a tuxedo! Plus, a penguin walks by in the background. You can’t beat background penguins.

0:59 – Rico Rodriguez in his scene-stealing cameo where he asks Kermit if he’s one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! You’ll learn, kid… you’ll learn.

1:03 – I kept trying to figure out why I like this shot so much… and then I realized that it reminds me of “Movin’ Right Along” and it gave me a warm, Fozzie feeling inside. Oh, and there’s Janice.

1:04 – How do you think they decided who would get shotgun? Also… none of the Muppets are wearing seatbelts. The PTA will be all over this (PTA = People Talking Annoyingly).

1:12 – I think if this was the only shot I saw of the entire movie I would be completely satisfied. This is absolutely stunning! Zoot in his purple tuxedo, Rowlf mimicking the exact hand motion from The Muppet Show opening… this alone should be enough to sway any Muppet fan to see this movie.

1:13 – That poor turkey really gets the worst of it in this trailer… Any speculation as to what the Swedish Chef is making?

1:17 – It’s Pepe!! Finally, we can rest our worries and know that Pepe does get to show off and be hysterical in the movie. If you don’t laugh when he tries to lift Miss Piggy… well, then you didn’t laugh. But you should have.

1:29 – Six! Six chickens! Ah! Ah! Ah!

1:29 – This might be my favorite shot in this trailer… the Newsman is wearing a scarf! And just look at Lew Zealand! He makes me laugh just looking at his glee and sole! (That’s a fish joke.)

1:30 – Oh, look, it’s Sweetums and… Beautiful Day Monster?! What the what? How prominent is he in this movie? He looks amazing! Also… see if you can spot some Muppeteers in the crowd!

1:31 – Hi-ho! Kermit believes in you, and you, and you… and all of you! He’s obviously talking to all of us, too. Here’s hoping the world turns out in spades to show the Frog how much we believe in him.

1:35 – And now… singing chickens! This is just fantastic. I love the outfits and the song and just… c’mon, it’s singing chickens!!

1:41 – Head bowling!! Gonzo returns to being great! We haven’t seen a wild stunt from him in years… and I can not wait to see him return to full form by hurling a bowling ball at the head off…

1:43 – Jack Black!! Tied to a chair and unwillingly stuck in a stunt. Gonzo, forget Jack Black, I’ll be your stunt assistant any day! 

1:45 – I can’t really tell if the voice coming out of our pal Neil Patrick Harris’s mouth is his own, Jim Henson’s, or Bill Barretta’s… but I love it!

1:49 – So many Muppets! So little screen space! So much Behemoth! So awesome!!

1:50 – “Have a seat,” says Gonzo, as he motions for Kermit and the gang to sit on… toilets. Brilliant. Just think of how the Muppeteers had to be positioned for the sitting on toilets shot.

1:54 – Even more Muppets!! I really love the character selection here. Note the penguin, the Pepe, Scooter, Floyd, Rowlf… five years ago we would have never seen three of those characters in a group shot.

2:06 – YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! That is all.

2:08 – This shot is so reminiscent of The Great Muppet Caper!! The angry eyes! The hair! The outfit! Go, Piggy, go!!

2:11 – Poor Walter seems to be scared out of his mind… maybe he gets stage fright after Fozzie’s monologue, predictably, bombs?

2:14 – These may be the most intimidating Muppet villains we’ve ever had. And is that the Standard Rich and Famous Contract? It sure is long!

2:17 – There’s not much to say here… other than that I love the fact that Fozzie goes with Kermit to confront Tex Richman. So, so great to see the bear back in a starring, best friend role.

There’s really not much left to say… other than this: my excitement for this movie is absolutely through the roof! November 23rd is 40 days too many away, if you ask me, but I guess that means 40 more days of amazing promotion–which has been almost as exciting as the movie is bound to be.

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

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