2012 Muppet Madness Bracket Contest!

Welcome to the first-ever Muppet Madness Bracket Contest!  Enter your guesses as to who will win in each round for the chance to win big prizes!

Click here to download the entry form.


For the first time ever, The Muppet Mindset, ToughPigs, and The MuppetCast are pleased to announce a Bracket Contest for The 2012 Muppet Madness Tournament! Players will get to fill out Brackets with their guesses for which character from The Muppets will win each matchup in the Tournament. Players will be awarded points for each correctly guessed matchup. The point system is as follows:

  • FIRST ROUND: 1 point per game (16 possible points)
  • SECOND ROUND: 2 points per game (16 possible points)
  • THIRD ROUND: 4 points per game (16 possible points)
  • FOURTH ROUND: 8 points per game (32 possible points)
  • FINAL FOUR: 16 points per game (32 possible points)
  • CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND: 32 points per game (32 possible points)
  • Total of 240 possible points
  • Each bracket MUST be filled out COMPLETELY to be considered for the contest
  • All brackets must be filled out and e-mailed to contact@muppetfans.com before 12:00AM on MARCH 18, 2012 in order to be accepted and counted
  • When saving the PDF File, players MUST change the file name to “[Player’s Name] Bracket 2012” in order to prevent confusion and loss of brackets
  • If the PDF software a player is using will not allow saving, Foxit Software (http://www.foxitsoftware.com/Secure_PDF_Reader/) is a free, secure, easy to use PDF reader that will let a player edit and save his or her completed bracket
  • No late brackets will be accepted or counted
  • Only one bracket and entry per person will be accepted and counted
  • THREE players with the highest point totals will be awarded prizes
  • Winners will be announced on APRIL 3, 2012
  • Winners will be contacted via e-mail on April 3, 2012
  • Winners will be expected to provide mailing addresses in order to receive contest prizes
  • Mailing addresses are guaranteed to be kept private
  • Prizes will be shipped after April 3, 2012

An example round of play and point calculating would pit Kermit vs. Miss Piggy and Fozzie vs. Gonzo in Round 1. If a player’s bracket guesses Kermit and Gonzo advance to Round 2, but Kermit and Fozzie actually advance to Round 2, then the player receives 1 point. If they predict Kermit will advance to Round 3 and he does, they will receive points even though they incorrectly guessed the Round 2 matchup.

The Muppet Madness Tournament staff reserves the right to deny any player from entering the Bracket Contest at any time. In the instance of a tie between more than three players, the Tournament staff will choose three winners at random.

For questions please contact us at contact@muppetfans.com.

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