The Best of Bob McGrath

Published: December 6, 2022
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Like everyone, I was sad to hear that Bob McGrath had passed away. Bob was a shining light in the life of millions of people around the world, the soft voice of reason in all of our heads. What a pleasure it was that we all got to share in his time, that he spend literally decades teaching us to count, or say the alphabet, or to tell us what that person in our neighborhood did.

You’ll see a lot of people talking about their favorite Bob moments over the next few days, but I wanted to take a moment and spotlight just a few of my own personal highlights, as well as some new things I found while searching YouTube. I want to go through the range Bob had and look and some of his funny moments, his sad moments, his sweet moments, and anything inbetween. Bob had that ability to play the straight man to any Muppet he was with, winking to the audience but never overplaying the moment. He could get you with a single glance to the camera, long before John Krasinski was doing it.

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By Jarrod Fairclough –

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