beakerhallmarkOver the last few years, the good people at Hallmark have given us some audio-enabled Muppet Christmas ornaments that look great, sound great, and serve to remind us what the holiday is truly all about. Thus far, the holiday has been all about bitter old men heckling, crustaceans threatening a hapless chef with firearms, and a deranged musician tearing up his drums.

This year, we’ll all be running to the Hallmark store in the mall once again (if you can’t find it, try looking downstairs from Orange Julius) to buy the latest Muppet ornament: Beaker singing “Ode to Joy.” Inspired by the award-winning YouTube video, this might be the coolest Hallmark Muppet ornament yet… If you click on that link and go to the “Video” tab, you’ll see that not only does Beaker sing, his mouth and the metronome both move!

According to the Hallmark website, it’s available in stores in July, so you should probably buy one then, rather than waiting until December, when they’ll all be sold out due to the incredible demand caused by the massive box office success of The Muppets. Right?

Click here to sing an ode to the Tough Pigs forum!

by Ryan Roe –

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