Baby Animal to Get the Funko Pop Treatment

Published: January 8, 2024
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Good news for Muppet fans! Good news for Funko Pop buyers! Good news for The Muppets Mayhem viewers! No, the show isn’t being un-cancelled. Sorry if we got your hopes up.

No, the good news is that Baby Animal is getting his own Funko Pop! The cutest little monster this side of Grover is set to be immortalized in plastic as the latest in Funko’s seemingly endless list of icons.

There’s still no word on when these will be available, but we expect to hear very soon.

Of course, the dark gray lining to this silver cloud is that it’s a sore reminder that we’re not getting more of The Muppets Mayhem. But the good news is that we might still be seeing fun merchandise like this Baby Animal. Here’s hoping there’s more to come!

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