Ask ToughPigs #3: A Call for Questions

Published: February 28, 2011
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atp-screen-transCan you believe it’s been six months since our last Ask ToughPigs video?? Neither can we, which is probably why we thought we had more wiggle room in getting around to giving you the straight poop on all that stuff you’re curious about. So, uh, sorry ’bout that, folks.

In case you’re not privvy to what we’re throwin’ down, Ask ToughPigs is our recurring effort to answer your questions! Feel free to ask us anything about what’s going on in the world of Muppets, our opinions on the best or worst the Muppets have to offer, what sort of toys we have on our shelves, how much that doggie in the window is, or whatever comes to mind. Please phrase your answers in the form of a question.

Be sure to check out our first and second Ask ToughPigs segments to get an idea of the sort of questions you can ask (and the type of answers you can expect)!

Once you have your question formulated, e-mail it to us or post it on the ToughPigs forum! And if you’re lucky, your question will be answered by ToughPigs’ own Joe and Ryan in the talkies!

And either way, check back here in a couple weeks for our next Ask ToughPigs video!waldorf_statler

Click here to ask “What’s Up With That???” on the ToughPigs forum!

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