ToughPigs Art: Starman’s Spooky Muptober

Published: November 3, 2021
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One of our favorite Muppet fan artists in recent years has been our pal Richard, better known on social media as the ubiquitous Starman. We shared a batch of Starman’s art earlier this year, and he’s been creating a Sweetums-sized load of incredible art every day since. We’ll be sharing more of his stuff here soon, but first we want to make sure you’ve all seen his #Muptober series.

You see, every year throughout the month of October, many artists participate in #Inktober, a daily challenge to create an ink-based illustration based on the theme of the day. A few folks in the Muppet fan art community chose to ditch #Inktober in favor of #Muptober, which is pretty much the same thing, but with Muppets.

Starman went ahead and built his theme around the recent Muppets Haunted Mansion special, creating some incredible illustrations of most of the Muppets seen in the special. As you’ll see, the black-and-white inked aspect gives them all an extra spooky look, which is perfect for these versions of the characters.

If you like Starman’s work, be sure to follow him on Twitter @StarmansArt and on Instagram @StarmansArt! Many, many thanks to Richard for sharing your wonderful Muppet illustrations, and stay tuned for more from him real soon!

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