ToughPigs Art: Happy Holidays from Danny Beckwith

Published: December 15, 2023
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Muppet fan artist Danny Beckwith loves two things: Muppets and Christmas. (Okay, so he probably loves more than two things, but those other things are not relevant to this article.) When you put Danny and Muppets and Christmas together in a room, you get gold.

Danny was gracious enough to share his collection of annual Muppet-inspired holiday cards with us. He’s been making new ones for the past decade, and they’re all spectacularly Muppety.

In Danny’s own words:

When I moved to California, I wanted a way to connect with my family and friends back home in Illinois and elsewhere. So I came up with this idea: What if everyone I knew got a different holiday card (and they didn’t know it) inspired by the things I love? How can stay connected and connect others? Using my love of pop culture and, of course, the work of Jim Henson, I set myself a challenge: make three different holiday designs each year with the hopes of connecting people using these design principles: 1) Use Adobe Illustrator; 2) Color Palette of 8-10 colors (broke this one a lot!); 3) Based on my favorite things and timely references (well, most of the time); 4) Utilize Christmas carol lyrics with a pun/play on words. What began as an exercise in growing my Adobe Illustrator and design skills, quickly became a holiday tradition. My friends and family look forward to receiving a card each year and they talk to one another to see what designs were sent! A new tradition of connecting, sharing, and giving!

We hope you enjoy Danny’s gift to us all! And if you do, consider supporting Danny by visiting his website, following him on Instagram, and checking out his previous art spotlight and Tinkerdee pitch right here on ToughPigs!

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