ToughPigs Art: Andrew Willmore

Published: February 12, 2016
Categories: Art, Feature

Fan art isn’t just about artistically interpreting the Muppets; it’s also about capturing their sense of humor and mannerisms. Andrew Willmore nails this. Hooked at an early age with Sesame Street, Andrew is a lifelong fan that has a flowy cartoonish style and a deliciously mischievous sense of humor.

Check out our collection of Andrew’s Muppet and Sesame art, including Super Grover, Fozzie’s dreams, and a Muppet/Batman mashup!

two_headed_monster_by_studiobueno-d3gg5yg super_grover_by_studiobueno-d3flw5r reporter_kermit_by_studiobueno-d3gg5zx oscar_and_cookie_monster_by_studiobueno-d3g29ck muppets__what_do_bears_dream__by_studiobueno-d4g7coq muppets__rowlf_and_lucy_by_studiobueno-d4gweay muppets__i_can_truly_see_by_studiobueno-d4hls1n muppets__gonzo_gets_chopped_by_studiobueno-d4fgd64 kermit_the_riddler_by_studiobueno-d88mg3r count_von_count_by_studiobueno-d3flw4l captain_link_hogthrob_by_studiobueno big_bird_and_snuffleupagus_by_studiobueno-d3g29be bert_and_ernie_by_studiobueno-d3gg5x2

You can see more of Andrew’s work on his DeviantArt page, on Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter.  Many thanks to Andrew for allowing us to share his wonderful art!

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by Dave Hulteen

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