Kermit is the Amphibian Consultant for “Amphibia”

Published: July 15, 2019
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The Disney Channel has a new show called Amphibia.  They also have a very famous frog on speed dial.  So why not put two and two together?

Kermit the Frog stars in a new video promoting Amphibia, a cartoon about frogs that I’d literally never heard of before today.  So I guess Kermit’s job is to amend that?

Anyway, video!

Opinion Time: It’s a little sad to see the Muppets relegated to shilling other Disney properties, rather than shilling their own projects.  If only the Muppets had a TV show or a world tour or a series of semi-regular YouTube videos, I’d be much more comfortable with this.  But when Kermit only rears his green head to talk about a show that has nothing to do with Muppets, I get a little… let’s say, disappointed.

Also disappointing: This series has nothing to do with Kermit’s brand of cologne by the same name.

So let’s hope that there’s more around the corner for the Muppets, and that I’ll be slightly less upset the next time they’re asked to promote a Disney cartoon!

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