Adam Savage Meets Some Fraggles

Published: March 28, 2023
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Mythbuster extraordinare Adam Savage has a long history with the Muppets, having voiced Heathcliff in the ‘He, She and It‘ segments of Sesame Street beginning in Season 9, which were animated by his father, Whitney Lee Savage.

In his YouTube series ‘Tested’ he has visited the Jim Henson Exhibition at the Museum of the Moving Image, built a puppet with Rick Lyon, and even examined the heads of real Statler and Waldorf puppets up for auction.

Now he’s completing his Sesame/Muppet/Henson trifecta with a trip to Jim Henson’s Creature Shop to visit with Gobo and Mokey Fraggle, along with their Silly Creature friends John Tartaglia and Donna Kimball (and a silent but helpful Morgana Ignis).

It’s a fascinating and fun look into puppetry, the tolls it can take on your body and how monitors are sometimes just glorified clip boards.

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By Jarrod Fairclough –

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