The Definitive Ranking of Muppet Cameos in Sesame Street’s 50th Anniversary

Published: November 18, 2019
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If you’ve watched Sesame Street’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, you were probably agog with all the amazing Easter eggs and cameos throughout the special.  And if you were anything like me, you were wearing out your pause button trying to spot them all.

Now that it’s premiered on both HBO and PBS (and for a limited time, it’s also available online!), it’s a perfect time to look back at all of those wonderful Muppet cameos.  There are a lot more than just Muppets – current and former cast members, celebrities, and Muppet performers also pop up throughout the special.  Make sure you pay close attention for all of those on your next viewing!

So without further ado, here’s our (mostly arbitrary) ranking of all the cameos featuring obscure, forgotten, retired, and otherwise notable Muppets!

31,32&33. Herry Monster, Mama Bear, and Ovejita

Sesame Street’s recent resident house band plays throughout the special, and I’m mostly just impressed that Ovejita can play guitar with hooves.

30. Jacket

A sentient piece of clothing previously seen in an Elmo’s World episode comes out of the laundromat, presumably washed and tumble dried.

28&29. Hansel and Gretel

The fairy tale litterbugs can be seen in Hooper’s Store doing what they’re best known for: Throwing bread all over the dang place.

27. Sherry Netherland

The former owner of the Furry Arms Hotel bops past the screen, and it’s nice to see that she hasn’t changed her already-dated-in-1993 style.

25&26. Baby Bear and Goldilocks

It’s weird to think of Baby Bear as a legacy character, but he doesn’t show up on Sesame Street so much anymore.  But he’s still hanging out in Hooper’s Store, being annoyed by Goldilocks.

24. The Amazing Mumford

What a magical appearance by Mumford! A la peanut butter sandwiches!

23. Grundgetta

Grundgetta makes reference to having been around (to lose a sock) decades ago.  Is she the only Muppet actually confirming her age in this special?

22. Hoots the Owl

Hoots is back, and sounding amazing thanks to his new performer Christopher Hayes.

20&21. Old MacDonald and Gladys the Cow

This whole special could’ve been about Gladys the Cow and I would’ve been one happy Muppet fan.

19. Norah Jones’ “Y”

The letter Y from the 2004 song “Don’t Know Y” reunites with Norah Jones, and he hasn’t aged a day.

18. Patti LaBelle’s “X”

Likewise, the letter X from Patti LaBelle’s “Oh, How I Miss My X” pops up during the final number.  I like to assume that he’s not LaBelle’s X anymore, but her current love.  I ship them.

17. Horatio the Elephant

Horatio is the greatest two-ton Muppet on Sesame Street.

16. Mrs. Crustworthy

Mrs. Crustworthy is on the Street for the big 50th anniversary, representing the extended membership of the greater Toast Lovers’ Society.

15. Harvey Kneeslapper

I just gotta say, Eric Jacobson does a pretty great Harvey Kneeslapper, but he absolutely nails the laugh.  Well done, Mr. Jacobson.

13&14. Forgetful Jones and Roosevelt Franklin

Two more vintage characters are hanging out in Hooper’s: Roosevelt Franklin (dancing to a song only he can hear) and Forgetful Jones (who, naturally, can’t remember Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s name).  Classic, and classic.

12. Don Music

Oh hey, it’s Don Music!

11. Guy Smiley

Oh hey, it’s Guy Smiley!  (…I may have gotten those a little wrong.)

10. Lefty

Quite possibly the most problematic retired Sesame Street character, the infamous grifter is back, shady as ever.

8&9. Captain Vegetable and Sherlock Hemlock

Ah yes, the World’s Greatest Detective and the Rabbit of Steel.  That’s a World’s Finest I can get behind!

3,4,5,6&7. Betty Lou, Little Bird, Biff and Sully, and The Countess

They made background cameos in the special, but all my screenshots look like garbage.  So here they are along with some of their fellow classic Muppets in a group scene!  Swaying back and forth like they’ve been doing it for five decades.

2. The Baker

Not technically a Muppet, but the clumsy Baker is still voiced by Jim Henson, so I’m putting him on this list.  Just try and stop me.

1. Kermit the Frog

Was there any other option for our #1 pick?  It was downright emotional seeing Kermit back home on Sesame Street.  Just look at him sitting on the stoop.  He may be the property of the Walt Disney Company, but he belongs here.

Did we miss any Muppets?  Did you miss any?  Keep an eye out for all these faves and more on your next viewing of Sesame Street’s 50th Anniversary Celebration!!

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