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Published: March 19, 2020
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Jarrod Fairclough – Man, this sucks, eh?  The world is essentially in lock down, borders are closing, everyone is being told to stay at home.  There’s no-one on the streets – it’s practically Oscar the Grouch’s dream!  Of course, one of the biggest recommendations from health officials is wash your hands for 20 seconds, and do it often.  Cleanliness is an important asset as we fight COVID-19, and the more we follow the rules, the sooner we can be in cinemas and malls infecting each other with colds instead.

And cleanliness has been an important lesson on Sesame Street, too.  But washing your hands can get a little tedious, and sometimes it’s fun to replace it with a nice quick bath or shower.  Sure, those can get a little tedious too, so today we’re showcasing some of those fun moments you can have while getting clean!

You can sing to your rubber duck!
Get in the bath with your rubber duck!  How long has it been since you indulged in that childish endevour?  Let your squeaky poultry pal know how much you love him, and what happens every day when you make your way to the tubby!

Install a spotlight in the bathroom!
By installing a theater style spotlight in your bathroom, you become the star of every show from the comfort of your own bath or shower!  For bonus points, find songs with the main vocals removed but with backup singers included, and sing about being clean!

Skype your friends for a sing-along!
Do you love to sing in the shower?  Good news – most of us do!  So why not strategically set your camera up and group call your friends for a sing-along, to this very song!  One of you can be Ruthie, one can be Ernie, one can be Big Bird, and then the friend who is kind of creeped out by this whole idea can be Oscar!

Sing a bubbly song!
Look, even if you do jump in the shower or bath rather than wash your hands, make sure you actually get clean – just standing there is fine, but it isn’t doing a tonne.  Luckily for us, Baby Bear has his own song, which reminds him to actually ‘scwub’ before he plays with his toy boat.

Invite your friends over for a group bath sing-along!
Actually, don’t do this.  Don’t do this for several reasons.
1) Everyone’s meant to be socially distancing, so unless your tubby is big enough that all participants can maintain a 5 foot radius from each other, you’re putting people at risk.
2) Water is already at risk with everyone washing their hands, so constantly needing to refill the tubby due to splashing is going to be an issue.
3) It’s weird to have group baths these days.

There we have it – there are 5 ideas (4 of them quite good) on how you can make cleaning yourself during this trying time enjoyable!  Stay safe, stay inside, wash your hands, and when your roommate knocks on the bathroom door, get all your friends to disappear down the drain.  Because that works, apparently?

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