Two-Headed Monster, Barkley Return to Sesame Place

Published: July 6, 2021
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Sesame Place – the Sesame Street-themed theme park in Langhorne, Pennsylvania – has a long history of selling stuffed animals and puppets of the Sesame characters that should be available everywhere, but for some reason can only be found at a gift shop in the shape of Hooper’s Store.

We’re pleased to learn that Sesame Place is bringing back their first two Classic Characters plush, both of which are awesome and adorable. First is the Two-Headed Monster, currently only available in the park itself. However, we’ve heard rumors that you can order them by calling the park directly or emailing at

The second is Barkley – the first in Sesame Place’s Classic Character collection from 2012. Barkley is available in the park or on the online Sesame Place store. And of course, the online store is home to a lot of other plush, apparel, and accessories that you can’t find anywhere else.

Click here to get two heads for the price of one on the ToughPigs forum!

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