2022 Hallmark Ornaments

Published: July 27, 2022
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It’s still Christmas in July, which means there’s still time for us to tell you about the new Muppet-related Keepsake ornaments from Hallmark that are in stores this very second!

First up, it’s Animal! Using candy canes as drumsticks, such a kooky guy this one! He’s also bursting out a present, just like he did as a baby in that one scene from A Muppet Family Christmas. Oh wait, that doesn’t seem to be on my DVD copy. Guess I must have imagined the whole thing. Oh well!

Moving on, there’s also another furry, red Muppet character everyone loves – it’s Elmo, along with his new rescue puppy Tango. There’s word that the two are starring in a new, animated Christmas special coming later this year, so I’m guessing this is partially tying into that. It’s not as festival as the Animal one, but they’re still really cute.

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By Shane Keating

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