Last month, ToughPigs’ own Carolyn Wiesner rifled through her VHS collection (kinda like a Blu-Ray the size of a couple Pop Tarts) and worked her digitizing wiles to share them with the rest of us via The YouTube. And lucky for us, that wasn’t the end of her regifting, as we now have another batch of rare Muppet videos for our viewing pleasure.

Check out all these amazing videos, and keep an eye on ToughPigs for even more very soon!

Frank Oz is honored at the American Comedy Awards:

Kermit the Frog on “Electric Circus”:

The host of a UK show visits the set of The Secret Life of Toys:

Promo for Kermit’s appearance on Donna’s Day:

Kermit on Donna’s Day, part 1:

Kermit on Donna’s Day, part 2:

Kermit on Good Morning Texas:

The Muppets on Good Morning America in 2004:

Kermit and some Frogs/Elves on Good Morning America in 1997:

Thanks again to Carolyn for all her hard work and for sharing these videos with us!elves

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by Joe Hennes –

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